The Count of Monster Disco
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Scenarios 8 Career
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The Count of Monster Disco is a Halloween-themed add-on for Train Simulator developed by Skyhook Games and published by on Steam.

It is standalone, meaning Train Simulator is not required to run it.


"The people of New Town are totally unaware,
Of a place you imagine only if you dare,
Trainsylvania is a spooky and frightful land,
In which the Count of Monster Disco has a mansion so grand.

He is holding a party for his frightful friends,
But something’s not right as dusk nears an end,
Not a pumpkin, decoration or nibble in sight,
Will everyone be disappointed this party night?

You are the monstrous driver of a ghoulish steam train,
But will getting the supplies be a complete pain?

Capture the cobwebs and gather the snacks,

But beware…..

The sight of the guests will make your bones CLICKETY-CLACK!
— Description

Little do the normal people who live in New Town know, that beyond the hills that surround their town, lies the fantastical land of Trainsylvania! A place of rolling farmland and spooky forests, where witches, vampires and werewolves can be found!

It's Halloween, and the vampire owner of "Trainsylvania Mansion", the Count of Monster Disco, is looking forwards to the Halloween Party he holds every year for his frightful friends.

But there's a problem! It's dusk already and his mansion isn't ready for the party. The pumpkins haven't been delivered, the decorations aren't up, there is no party food and the guests need to be collected.

As the monstrous driver of “The Spirit of Halloween” steam train, help our horrible host organise his fright night. Explore the route to pick up Halloween decorations, wagons filled with monster snacks and carriages of ghoulish passengers. Deliver them to Trainsylvania Mansion, and make this a Halloween Party to remember! But only if you dare...

Rolling StockEdit


  • The 'Spirit of Halloween'


  • Creepy Carriages


  • Sweet Wagons
  • Sheep Wagons
  • Pumpkin Juice Tankers
  • Witches Cauldron Wagons


  • [SoH] 1 - Cob web Conundrum: Explore Trainsylvania to find the 7 cobwebs for the Count's decorations.
  • [SoH] 2 - Pumpkin Predicament Collect wagons of carved pumpkins from the sidings at 3 outlying pumpkin farms.
  • [SoH] 3 - Party Food Every good party needs party food. Put together a consist of wagons in the goods yard filled with monster treats!
  • [SoH] 4 - Ghoulish Guests - Wicked Witches - Pick up the party guests. Drive to Wandwood Station to fill your carriages with witches.
  • [SoH] 5 - Ghoulish Guests - Zany Zombies Pick up the party guests. Drive to Newtown Station to collect carriage loads of zombie commuters.
  • [SoH] 6 - Ghoulish Guests - Vicious Vampires - Pick up the party guests. Drive to Resting Meadows Station to fill your carriages with Vampire Brides.
  • [SoH] 7 - Ghoulish Guests - Manic Mummies - Pick up the party guests. Drive to Main Street Station to fill your carriages with mummies.
  • [SoH] 8 - Werewolf Racing - Transport the pre-changed werewolves from Spooky Hollow Station to the mansion before the moon turns full.


  • The Count of Monster Disco is instead of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

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