The Granfield Branch
The Granfield Branch header
Availability Currently available from UKTrainSim
Features Seven mile rural branch line
Scenarios 3 Free Roam

3 Career
5 Standard

Price Free
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The Granfield Branch is a fictional route based loosely on the railways radiating from Banbury in the early 1960s.


The mainline station at which the route originates, Setterfield, is a fictional interpretation of the ex-GWR Banbury General station, and incorporates a four platform station, locomotive depot and sizeable marshalling yard located on the Western Region mainline from Paddington to Birmingham Snow Hill. A short section of the former LNWR route from Banbury Merton Street to Verney Junction, and subsequently Bletchley, diverges from the ex-Great Western lines south of the station, and a small section of the private Britannia Works tramway is included also.

The route represents a short, rural branch line in its twilight years before the Beeching cull, and features a variety of through and local passenger and freight traffic.

The branch line some seven miles in length linking Setterfield with the fictional market town of Granfield, serving the villages and hamlets of Elmtree, Inchcombe, Thenhill and Culford along the way. This branch line is based on, and follows the route of the former Great Central Railway connecting line that ran from Woodford Halse and Culworth Junction to Banbury.

Train SimulatorEdit

The route was developed for, and was awarded second place, in the 2011 UKTrainSim Route Builders Challenge for RailWorks. later released the route on Steam, where it was packaged with several items of rolling stock, with the Class 111 being a then exclusive to the route.

Rolling StockEdit

Steam release only:

  • 20t hopper wagons
  • 20t LMS brake van in grey
  • Conflat wagons

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