UK Coal Wagon Pack
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Availability Currently available on Steam
Features A variety of British coal wagons.
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The UK Coal Wagon Pack includes 16T mineral wagons and 21T mineral wagons, with each wagon has four weathered varieties apiece and fitted and unfitted varieties. These wagons are ideal for any British steam age and early diesel route, such as the Woodhead Line and Somerset & Dorset Railway.

The stock was developed by and released through Steam on the Marketplace.


21T mineral wagonEdit

BR introduced the large 21T Double door mineral wagons between 1950 and 1952. There were 2500 unfitted of these wagons. Later between 1961 and 1963 BR introduced a fitted version of which 4950 were built.

16T mineral wagonEdit

The designed originates during WW2 with the design having evolved through the need to for lightweight all metal construction wagons, several pre grouping companies such as the LMS and the LNER had very similar constructed these early 16T wagons and the BR designed evolved from them. In the early days of BR it was recommended these 16 ton unfitted mineral wagon were suitable for almost all coal traffic, and durable enough for other traffics such as scrap metal. In a desire to eliminate all grease-lubricated axle boxes from old privately owned coal wagons, BR constructed over 300,000 to this basic design.

The wagons were also largely built without any vacuum brakes, a cheap but very short-sighted policy. By 1965 only about 11,000 had been built with vacuum brakes. But in 1966 BR acknowledged that continuous brakes would permit longer trains with greater safety, so carried out a conversion of 5,000 further wagons.


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