The Bombardier Voyager series is a group of high-speed diesel-electric multiple-units in use on the British railway network. They are used on various intercity services with Virgin Trains, CrossCountry, and East Midlands Trains.


  • The Class 220 "Voyager" was built to replace aging locomotive hauled trains in use with Virgin CrossCountry., predominantly InterCity 125 and Class 47s, that then operated InterCity CrossCountry services. Currently CrossCountry operate them following the franchise changing hands in 2007.
  • The Class 221 "Super Voyager" was built as a tilting version of the Class 220 for use with Virgin Trains on the West Coast Main Line. Although visually similar, the majority of these trains have five cars instead of four, and have been fitted with a tilting mechanism similar to that on the Class 390. 44 sets were constructed for use by Virgin Trains; of these, 23 have been transferred to CrossCountry with the remaining 21 being retained by Virgin. All CrossCountry sets have their tilt disabled.
  • The Class 222 "Meridian" were built in the light of experience gained with the 220 and 221 units; in particular, many more components were installed under the floor so as to increase space for passengers. A total of 27 sets were constructed initially. Following a brief stint with First Hull Trains for some, all Meridians are currently in use with East Midlands Trains in formations of 4, 5, and 7 cars.

Train SimulatorEdit

For Train Simulator the Voyager Advanced, featuring both Class 220 and 221 units in a variety of liveries, was developed and published by Just Trains through their website. Dovetail Games is currently developing a Class 220 with an official license from CrossCountry.

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