West Coast Main Line Over Shap Route Add-On
WCML Over Shap Steam header
Availability Currently available on Steam
Scenarios 16 Standard / Career
Price £24.99
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Rolling StockEdit


Class 47

  • BR Large Logo
  • BR Blue


Class 87

  • BR Blue


  • Mark I Brake Gangwayed (BG) (BR Blue, BR Blue/Grey, BR Blue/Grey Express Parcels, Mail Red)
  • Mark I Restaurant Mini Buffet (RMB) (BR Blue/Grey)
  • Mark IIa Brake First Corridor (BFK) (BR Blue/Grey)
  • Mark IIa Brake Standard Open (BSO) (BR Blue/Grey)
  • Mark IIa First Corridor (FK) (BR Blue/Grey)
  • Mark IIa Tourist Standard Open (TSO) (BR Blue/Grey)
  • Mark III Sleeper Either Class with Pantry (SLEP) (BR Blue/Grey with Inter-City Sleeper lettering.)
  • Mark III Restaurant Standard Buffet (RSB) (BR Blue/Grey with Restaurant Buffet lettering)
  • Mark III Tourist First Open (TFO) (BR Blue/Grey with Inter-City lettering)
  • Mark III Tourist Srandard Open (TSO) (BR Blue/Grey with Inter-City lettering)
  • Mark III Test Car 10


  • FSA/FTA Container Freight Wagons
  • HAA Hopper Wagon
  • OAA Open Wagon (Red/Grey Railfreight with logo, in Empty and Sleepers variant; Departmental Grey/Yellow in Empty, Blocks, and Ballast variants; Weathered Red Grey with logo in Empty and Pipes variants.)
  • PCA Tanker Wagon (Clean, Dirty, Rusty)
  • PGA Hopper Wagon (Grey, Gold, Rusty, Brown)
  • TTA Liquid Tanks (Black, Green, Grey Dirty, Grey Rusty)
  • YGH Hopper Wagon (Clean, Dirty, Rusty)